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Forex Lesson From Tom Brady And The Patriots

Whether you like them or hate them, you got to respect them. Especially after that spectacular Super Bowl 51 performance. The Patriots have just set a record for the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.  Keep and open mind, they may teach you the best forex lesson you will ever learn. How Does This Apply To Forex? There is a football team, in the NFL, that has a system so perfect that they are now [...]

How to Use Currency Pairs to Your Advantage

Currency pairs are a mechanism that compares two separate countries’ currencies against one another. The relationship between the two currencies is inverse, which means that, if one goes up, the other must go down. Why Were Currency Pairs Created? Currency pairs allow the foreign exchange market to decide which currency is stronger based on technical indicators and fundamental analysis. Moreover, it determines the exchange rate at any given time. For example, not too long ago [...]

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How to Find the Best Forex Mentor

As in any exciting and difficult venture you will take in your life, you will need someone to talk to about your struggles and ask for advice. Currency exchange is no exception. Finding the best forex mentor is more of a journey than a transaction. Many forex mentors promise (crazy) results in a matter of months. My opinion is that they are just trying to pull a quick one on you and take your money. [...]

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Trade Idea – USD JPY Prints Strong Bullish Candle

USDJPY Prints a Strong 4 Hour Bullish Candle After failing to create a lower low on the 4H chart, USDJPY prints a strong candle just above the previous high. The close on the bullish candle printed a few pips above the last high, indicating that the market would move up a bit more before taking another dip. This is always a fun opportunity to take a handful of pips. USDJPY Losing Momentun on Weekly [...]

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AUD USD – Testing Resistance

After a long and comfortable downtrend, it looks like AUDUSD is turning around and going to test a key resistance level. But it's safe to say that forex wouldn't be so much fun if it wasn't for these moments. Many traders like to try and guess during these uneasy times, however, sometimes it is better to sit back and watch the market do its thing. Important Points to Consider When Testing Resistance One of the [...]