How to Use Currency Pairs to Your Advantage

Currency pairs are a mechanism that compares two separate countries’ currencies against one another. The relationship between the two currencies is inverse, which means that, if one goes up, the other must go down. Why Were Currency Pairs Created? Currency pairs allow the foreign exchange market to decide which currency is stronger based on technical indicators and fundamental analysis. Moreover, it determines the exchange rate at any given time. For example, not too long ago [...]

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Trade Idea – USD JPY Prints Strong Bullish Candle

USDJPY Prints a Strong 4 Hour Bullish Candle After failing to create a lower low on the 4H chart, USDJPY prints a strong candle just above the previous high. The close on the bullish candle printed a few pips above the last high, indicating that the market would move up a bit more before taking another dip. This is always a fun opportunity to take a handful of pips. USDJPY Losing Momentun on Weekly [...]

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Forex Money Management Tips

Money management is a fundamental skill for the accumulation of wealth and forex is no exception. Proper forex money management will not only take away the stress of guessing, but it will also help you become a profitable trader. Our goal is to win more trades than we lose and not only to win more, but to make sure the wins outweigh our losses. Forex Money Management Example If we bet $10 on a coin [...]

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Missed Entry: Timing is Everything

I would love to be able to say that after 18 months of staring at charts and constantly checking my equity I have mastered forex trading, but the truth is that patience is not something forex will teach me.  Patience and discipline is what gets us up on time every morning and back from lunch on time. Patience and discipline in forex is about checking your charts at the correct times (according to your trading [...]

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