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Forex Lesson From Tom Brady And The Patriots

Whether you like them or hate them, you got to respect them. Especially after that spectacular Super Bowl 51 performance. The Patriots have just set a record for the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.  Keep and open mind, they may teach you the best forex lesson you will ever learn. How Does This Apply To Forex? There is a football team, in the NFL, that has a system so perfect that they are now [...]

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Forex Trend Trading: Just Basics

Although many traders consider forex trend trading elementary, it is essential for every trader to remember this forex fundamental. Every now and then as a forex trader, successful or not you will find that it is best to take a step back. After a 6-month spree of great trading, I have hit a wall. It is nice to think of forex trading, or any trading, as a never ending trend upwards but the reality is [...]

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