How to Use Currency Pairs to Your Advantage

Currency pairs are a mechanism that compares two separate countries’ currencies against one another. The relationship between the two currencies is inverse, which means that, if one goes up, the other must go down. Why Were Currency Pairs Created? Currency pairs allow the foreign exchange market to decide which currency is stronger based on technical indicators and fundamental analysis. Moreover, it determines the exchange rate at any given time. For example, not too long ago [...]

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Forex Trend Trading: Just Basics

Although many traders consider forex trend trading elementary, it is essential for every trader to remember this forex fundamental. Every now and then as a forex trader, successful or not you will find that it is best to take a step back. After a 6-month spree of great trading, I have hit a wall. It is nice to think of forex trading, or any trading, as a never ending trend upwards but the reality is [...]

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