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Whether you like them or hate them, you got to respect them. Especially after that spectacular Super Bowl 51 performance. The Patriots have just set a record for the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.  Keep and open mind, they may teach you the best forex lesson you will ever learn.

How Does This Apply To Forex?

There is a football team, in the NFL, that has a system so perfect that they are now a dynasty, possibly the greatest ever. The reason for that is that they practice, practice, and practice their system of football. They practice for situations that may never happen. They practice their style of play for every scenario. Champions don’t do anything extraordinarily better, in professional sports, than the other team. They just do it faster, without thinking of it. This is how your trading strategy should be.  Experience is the best forex lesson.

There is no asking, should I trade a 0.1 lot or 0.5 lot? You should already know the answers to all the questions in your trading system. Practice on a forex demo account and go until you feel like an autopilot machine. The only reason you shouldn’t be trading like a computer is because you need your instinct to know when the market is changing – acting strange, if you will.

What Makes The Patriots So Successful (hint: forex lesson)?

  • Dedication
  • Practice and more practice
  • Experience
  • Ingenuity
  • Grit
  • Systematic rules

Down 25 points with a little over half the game left, they kept their chin up and played the way they do best, balls out and with a strict plan.

forex lesson from Tom Brady

Have you heard the saying, “a rich man does not have to tell you he is rich?”

Let that sink in. Do you believe it?

Many people think faking it till you make it, is the best way to become successful, but really you are just leading yourself down a darker road where you will finally wake up and realize that you are screwed. Don’t ignore the hard work. How would you feel if you started making $500,000 a year in forex profits just to find out that it was built on a house of cards and you lost all that in a year? Go for the steady, structured growth. We have all encountered ‘experts’ that say they want to share their ‘secrets’ for the cheap price of $500 (sarcasm…duh). There is no such thing as get rich quick, and if you believe that, you are a sucker.

Stop listening to losers and start working hard. A dynasty is not built in a year or bought in some package, and neither will your profitable forex trading system. You have to create it and you have to believe in it.

99 of 100 profitable traders are not online trying to share their systems and provide forex lessons; they are enjoying their money and spend their free time in peace. Learn to love the hard work (it never get easier, you just get better). This is also a good time to mention these important forex tips:

  • More trading does not mean more profit.
  • Profitable trading can be boring (I trade using 1 wk candles… snooze fest).
  • Don’t trade just to trade, make sure it meets all your requirements (be systematic).
  • Find hobbies that are forex related to do when you are in a rut (I like to read the classic forex books).  Also, keep a file with your favorite forex lessons and go back to them.  You would be surprised how many new things you can learn.

Stick to principles like these that will make for a winning system and practice until you can make decisions as simple as tying your shoes. Then practice some more.

I would love for you to share your successes and experiences with our community. As always, opinions are welcome.

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  1. Trader90 February 16, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    @forexfool I don’t like the Patriots, but I respect them.

    This is an interesting piece. Cannot believe you compared football to forex, but you did. And there are lessons to learn.

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