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This part of the site is dedicated to posting current and past trade ideas for all members to review, comment and learn from. Here we post a forex trade idea and why we like it, then interact with the trading community.

Trade Idea – USD JPY Prints Strong Bullish Candle

USDJPY Prints a Strong 4 Hour Bullish Candle After failing to create a lower low on the 4H chart, USDJPY prints a strong candle just above the previous high. The close on the bullish candle printed a few pips above the last high, indicating that the market would move up a bit more before taking another dip. This is always a fun opportunity to take a handful of pips. USDJPY Losing Momentun on Weekly [...]

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Trade Idea – NZD USD – 02-17-2016

This is a follow-up to the Trade Idea - NZD USD - 02-12-2016 recently posted. The previous trade consisted on a sell limit placed after the third touch on the downward trend (see post picture above). That particular trade I had no complaints about and the reason I traded the opposite way a few days later was because the price action was responding really well to the upward trend line, which also had 3 touches. [...]

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Trade Idea – NZD USD – 02-12-2016

This is by far one of my favorite types of trades, 02/11/2016. If you believe that trading with the trend is important, you will love this trade. Also, as I mentioned on Forex Money Management Tips, I am big about entering at the right time. What really drew me to take this trade was essentially the downward trend line with 3 touches and the way the price action was acting around the line when it [...]

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Trade Idea – EUR USD – 01-29-2016

Found a nice sell trade today, 01/29/2016, on the EUR/USD cross. The reason this trade was so appealing to me was because of the strong touches on the green line. Moreover, the pivot point (R2) met well with the trend line. I usually enter a trade like this for an easy 40 pips. In this case 47 pips. EUR/USD - Trend Trade This trade closed for a profit about 9 hours later. I adjusted the [...]

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Missed Entry: Timing is Everything

I would love to be able to say that after 18 months of staring at charts and constantly checking my equity I have mastered forex trading, but the truth is that patience is not something forex will teach me.  Patience and discipline is what gets us up on time every morning and back from lunch on time. Patience and discipline in forex is about checking your charts at the correct times (according to your trading [...]

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Forex Trend Trading: Just Basics

Although many traders consider forex trend trading elementary, it is essential for every trader to remember this forex fundamental. Every now and then as a forex trader, successful or not you will find that it is best to take a step back. After a 6-month spree of great trading, I have hit a wall. It is nice to think of forex trading, or any trading, as a never ending trend upwards but the reality is [...]

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