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Forex Money Management Tips

Money management is a fundamental skill for the accumulation of wealth and forex is no exception. Proper forex money management will not only take away the stress of guessing, but it will also help you become a profitable trader. Our goal is to win more trades than we lose and not only to win more, but to make sure the wins outweigh our losses. Forex Money Management Example If we bet $10 on a coin [...]

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The Biggest Loser: Always Trade to Learn

Every trader you meet will tell you about their most memorable trade. Many remember the trades that made them 'successful' or put their account on the map, but few will speak freely about their biggest losers. Why? Because not only is it painful, it is also embarrassing to think that such a seasoned trader could make such a big mistake. Once you reach a certain level of success, that is when you have transitioned from [...]

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