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How to Find the Best Forex Mentor

As in any exciting and difficult venture you will take in your life, you will need someone to talk to about your struggles and ask for advice. Currency exchange is no exception. Finding the best forex mentor is more of a journey than a transaction. Many forex mentors promise (crazy) results in a matter of months. My opinion is that they are just trying to pull a quick one on you and take your money. [...]

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3 Forex Market Hours Questions You Need to Consider

The importance of forex market hours is as big as the type of strategy and money management you choose to use. Every new trader romanticizes the idea of trading thanks to Money Never Sleeps and the Wolf of Wall Street, but the truth is, that most successful trading is boring trading. How does make money while you sleep sound? When I first started trading I was all about waking up at 6am for the United [...]

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