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Develop A Trading Strategy

Step 1: Develop a trading system that works for you.  If you have a full-time job don’t try to jump in on every trade you think is good.  Learn to read the day charts and be selective.


Practice, Practice and Monitor

Perfect your trade(s).  Practice and practice and practice some more.  Decide what works for you and get a feel for the currency market.  Practice, Learn and Repeat.


Profit From Your Education

Finally, all the practice and education starts to pay off.   You’ve placed 100s of trades, learned proper money management and know how to read charts.  Enjoy and teach others just like you once needed help.

TheForexForum.Net At Your Service

New traders, expert traders, mentors and students.  Everyone is welcome to join our discussions.  The concept is easy, discuss your ideas in an easy to understand fashion and receive honest feedback.  The forum is being constantly monitored by some of the best Forex mentors that love to teach.

  • Forex Forum – Ask questions and explore different points of views, or just meet other traders.
  • Trade Blog – Learn to trade with easy to digest articles.  Quick 5-minute reads that will help make you a better trader.
  • Custom Charts – A beautiful chart widget ready to handle any trend lines, support/resistance levels or indicators you want to add to it.
  • Economic Calendar – Of course!  You need to look for major economic announcements before you open that trade.
  • Register – If you are still reading this, you know you want to sign-up for this cool site.

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